Better Search Results

Search engines hate broken links, so we can focus on getting all your links working as well as improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ll install Yoast for you and even give you great advice for finding the right keywords!

Keep It Fresh!

Let us update your content. Websites are never ‘complete’ and you need to stay on top of them. By keeping the content fresh you keep customers coming back. Stagnant isn’t a cool look for you. Fresh content makes you look active and present!


Feel Secure

All new clients see WordFence installed on their website (it’s a super advanced security plugin) with the options to go premium. Hacking can ruin your relationship with search engines and destroy client relationships. It’s why we do regular scans too.



what is it?

Web maintenance 101

Our WordPress website maintenance recognizes the your business as the superstar business utility it is.

Your website is often the first time a potential customer interacts with your business, this is why you need to be putting your best foot forward.

Would you trust a business that redirects to creepy content, tries to get access to your email login details (or worse), or is hard to navigate because all the links are broken?

Below you’ll find a list of reasons you need to be maintaining your WordPress website.


Back It UP!

Backups are one of the most important tasks of modern day technology. But we put it off because it takes time, it’s boring, and nothing bad is ever going to happen to your phone or computer. Until that day it goes down and you lose all your photos! Trust me, in that moment you’re going to be kicking yourself that you didn’t back it all up.

Your website is no different. There are so many reasons your website might go down. And, knowing that is quick and easy to restore your website makes life easier. You don’t lose your hard work when you backup.

Backups should be done AT LEAST monthly. But weekly and daily backups are great ideas for websites that change daily (or weekly).

Web Maintenance Means That Your Website Stays Secure

By treating your WordPress site kindly, you can secure it against hacking, security threats, and creepy redirects. Getting hacked can get you completely blacklisted from good search engines as well as putting your amazing customers at risk!

You can keep your website healthy by keeping the plugins, platform and servers updated and healthy. This won’t guard you against being attacked or a hack (these things are always possible) but it does mean that if the worst happens your WordPress website will be in a up to date and ready to be restored!

Make It Good For Your Customers

Managing a website isn’t all about you either! It’s about making sure your customers can actually use it for what they need. If your website is slow then you’re going to have frustrated customers, if your links are always going to 404 pages then your customers will leave… you get the idea!

Optimizing your images to be the smallest they can be (under 1MB please!) and posts makes performance better and easier. Your WordPress website maintenance process should totally include checking performance speed.

Fresh Content Makes Your Business Look Attractive

SEO and security might feel a little techy for you right now. But fresh content? You can handle this! Website maintenance doesn’t just mean security and backups. It’s also about keeping your website up to date. Outdated content, sales, videos etc. make it look like your focus isn’t actually on your business. There’s absolutely no way you would reach out to a company that had a blog that hadn’t been updated for 5 months or was still showcasing their Christmas sales in May. 

Add an at least monthly reminder to go through your site and change content up. 



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