Handling your business so that your technology works exactly the way you need it without that impending feeling of doom!

Just like you, I’m not a huge fan of the doom and gloom feeling. Running a business makes you a superstar and feeling that confident, “I’ve got this” is exactly the vibe I help create.

Whether it’s website maintenance, system setups, or a good old strategy planning session – I’ve got you covered!

What are you looking for?

Website Support

Systems and Automations

Business Strategy & Training

Website Support

Websites are one of the biggest challenges for a small business. After all, they take up so much time.

You have one part under control and managed – YAY! 

But then you realise that there’s another section that you now need to devote PRECIOUS time to learning.

Learn About Website Audits

Why would I need this?

You have a beautiful website and you’re feeling proud of it! But you’re a little unsure because you’re a) not seeing the results you want or b) it needs a bit of an update but you’re not sure where to start.

This is right for you if…

If you’ve had customers say that they couldn’t navigate your site or they’re not REALLY sure what you do.

How this works:

We’ll identify what your website goals are and then I’ll record a video explaining to you how I see your website (going through it for the first time as a new customer). I’ll give you ACTIONABLE tips and strategy for improving your site, including a review of how it looks on mobile devices, tablets, and computer screens.

EVEN BETTER: I’ll make sure the plan I come up with is divided into how long each step will take and whether you could DIY it (complete with resources to help you do that). 



Starting at $50 for a 6-page website.

Learn About Website Maintenance

Why would I need this?

You have a website that brings you joy but you know that updates need to happen. If you’re on WordPress then you know you need security updates and backups. Even a build-it-yourself website like Squarespace needs image and text updates to keep it relevant in search engines.

But this all feels like a LOT of extra work! You don’t have time, or the motivation, to update your own website. And, even if you did – do you really want to spend hours doing something you’re not super comfortable with? No. You don’t.

This is right for you if…

You receive notifications saying that your site has plugins updating and you can’t remember the last time you backed up your site. Perhaps you’ve had a few people to reach out and say “Is that Christmas discount still valid?” – even though it’s now June! 

How this works:

Depending on the plan you have, I’ll update your site daily, weekly, or monthly. Making sure that everything is up to industry standard with security and backups. 

And, way less boring: I’ll make sure your blog posts are uploaded, your images load faster, and/or your SEO is up to snuff. Whatever your goals we’ll work on them over the course of the maintenance with the additional small tasks. These can be used for any task you think will help your business.

All plans come with a $200 value security review, mini audit, and strategy designed to fit with your goals.



Starting at $60 a month.

Systems & Automations

Calendars and Organization

Getting organized is simple and easy but it can be hard to know where to start. It’s why I spend time setting up calendars for people just like you. You know, people with big plans but sometimes life gets in the way?

Automated Online Appointment Calendar
No more dark holes of appointment planning awkwardness.

Why would I need this?

Think about how much wasted time happens when you try to find a mutually convenient time to chat!

 It’s a lot.

One client told me she spent about 2 hours per customer trying to arrange their first 2-hour intake appointment.

That’s bonkers!

Especially when you could have an online appointment calendar that syncs with your operations calendar. After set up there’d be nothing for you to do but share the link and turn up for the appointment!

Your clients could choose the best time for them and you don’t risk accidentally double booking!

This is right for you if…

If you’re spending more than 2 hours per client trying to find a mutually convenient time then you need an online calendar. The calendar saves you HOURS of work.

Your appointment calendar is lifesaver if you have appointments with clients and customers. It means no more train wreck meetings where everyone is unprepared or you have to cancel last minute because you double booked.

It means simple, easy, less moving parts, less to remember.

Alternatively: maybe you want to set up a free 15 minute consult to give people a taste of how awesome you are – let’s set up your online appointment calendar.  (I’ve found it to have a 90% conversion rate on $500+ packages. My client sells about 2-5 of these packages per week through this taster calendar!)

How this works:

We have a signature business call and identify your needs, your ideal funnels, and how you’d like it to operate.

If you’re unsure of how you could use it for conversions then we can also discuss ways it can fit with your business.

I primarily work with Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and Dubsado (depending on your needs and goals).

Appointment calendar website integration and Dubsado workflow setup are also available.



Starting at $197.

Operations Calendar

Why would I need this?

It’s designed to help you stay on task and get shit done in your day to day operations.

This is right for you if…

If you’ve ever fallen behind on your projects, or failed to meet your quarterly goals then this is for you.

How this works:

Together, we’ll utilize a free version of Google Calendar so you can organize your week efficiently, use it in apps on your computer and on your phone, and basically get your shit together.

  • Avoid overwhelm.
  • Get organized.
  • Be realistic.
  • Claim balance in your life.

With this setup, you’ll be able to block time for clients, kids, business meetings and yoga with a glance. Life won’t be as stressful and, better yet, it’ll be even harder to underestimate the time it’ll take to do something.

This service is what you need if you want to go from stressed-out hot mess to cool, calm and collected CEO. And, as a bonus, you’ll never be sharing your OBGYN appointment with your VA ever again – perfect!



Starting at $200 

Newsletter and Mailing List Setup

Email is alive and well. Lead magnets (freebies) work well to create funnels that take mildly intersted visitors to engaged, excited customers. 


But to get started on this journey, you need to have a mailing platform set up and ready to work.


I work with Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Flodesk and all the other popular emailing platforms.

System Setup: Mailing Lists

Why would I need this?

You want to talk to your audience that leaves them no choice but to interact with your content. You KNOW that this is the way that you want to develop your business and that email marketing is the bomb – but you’re not sure how to use it or set it up.

This is right for you if…

 There are a few different situations that mean newsletters could be your new thing:

  1. You want a newsletter but know that they’re one of the techiest ways to communicating with your audience and you don’t know where to start
  2. You have clear branding but don’t know how that translates to newsletters
  3. You want to be able to divide up your audience, send out freebies/welcome emails, get your lead magnets going and feel like you have a handle on your communication
  4. You have lots of content but you’re not sure what to even write in your newsletters
  5. You want to provide an e-course or ‘specialty’ emails that dive deeper than other free content you offer.

How this works:

We’ll work together to identify why you want a newsletter and what you think it’ll help you achieve.

I’ll set it up for you, complete with your first email automation, two templates for your newsletters and promotions (that are on brand!), a handoff (so you’re not left feeling alone), and a whole project management process in Asana so you’re always in the loop.

Additional strategy sessions available for helping you repurpose and plan your email content.



Starting at $250 (additional $100 for WordPress integration)

Dubsado Setup

Dubsado is designed to cut out the busywork. Think about how much easier life would be to combine automated invoice reminders. 

Dubsado is an advanced client relationship management and business support tool. At its core, it helps you stay consistent, professional and on top of your projects. 

No more distractions! 



Why would I need this?

You want to keep track of your leads, your clients, create workflows and automations to save time, and stay on top of your business finances? Okay dokay – then we need to get you set up with Dubsado.

It’s a great program that helps you work even while you’re sleeping or, you know, having an actual life. People are able to book appointments with you, fill out proposals, and invoices just get sent out automatically.

Need less stress? Then Dubsado is for you.

This is right for you if…

 You’ve looked a Dubsado and other CRMs before but felt like they were too complicated. How do you EVEN start to use them?

You don’t have 5-20 hours to start setting it up (that’s not even including the learning time) but you know that you NEED more systems, workflows, and procedures going on in your business.

Client Relationship Management Sytems are important to any business. Particularly, if you’re building up long term connections with your clients.

Having a CRM allows you to maintain those meaningful client relationships without forgetting to follow up or send out another email.

How this works:

We’ll have a 2-hour strategy session to establish what your key goals are for your business. What do you need to happen in your workflows?

Together we’ll tweak and streamline one service or product; setting up questionnaires, payment schedules, workflows, lead magnets, client portals, and appointment calendars. This also includes a training handoff to make sure you can actually use the system in your daily operations.



Starting at $500

Business Strategy & Training

You have plans and goals but you’re either getting stuck in the weeds or you’re overlooking details in your desire to get. Stuff. Done. 

You know the systems you want to use. You might even have them set up. But it’s figuring out how to use it all, how to tweak them, and how to use them to reach your dream.

Business Strategy & Training

Why would I need this?

You have plans and goals but you’re either getting stuck in the weeds or you’re overlooking details in your desire to get. Stuff. Done. 

You know the systems you want to use. You might even have them set up. But it’s figuring out how to use it all, how to tweak them, and how to use them to reach your dream.

This is right for you if…

You feel super anxious when you think of how ‘behind’ you are. Whether that’s with how you’re doing with that goal slaying or it’s about how much you hate technology.

You’re looking for someone who can help you get a grip with the tech that you need to make your business a success, someone who can train you through video and web conferences … someone who won’t make you feel stupid because you only recently learned about ctrl c (seriously, you’re not alone!). Or perhaps you feel anxious because you just don’t know how to add a poll to Instagram or how to use Squarespace once those orders start flooding in.

I make it easy, accessible, and actually pain-free. It’s no joke. No tech background required. 

You have a goal. You have a plan. You just need that plan to be actionable, clearer, and maybe you need some help with understanding the technology along the way.

How this works:

We’ll have a 2 hour strategy session to establish what your key goals are for your business. I’ll help you come up with a clear plan that makes sense for you and we’ll have follow up sessions that focus on training and/or accountability.



Starting at $350 for strategy and $60 p/h for training.

Know you need help but not sure where?

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