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This is for all those moments when you feel like everything is just too much.

It’s coaching meets planning meets motivation.

You often work alone. And if you’re not alone then you’re with clients and customers.

Your family + friends have no interest in what you do or they just don’t understand the world of online business management.

It’s no wonder that you sometimes get shiny object syndrome, start projects you never finish, and generally just feel overwhelmed.

This programme is designed so that you don’t have to feel that way anymore.

Think about how productive and focused you could be with weekly one to one consultations, unlimited email support, free advice, and a detailed plan for stress-free goal slaying.

what it looks like


The Point

Seeing you confident, in charge, and motivated is our key goal.

You’ll learn to work smarter not harder, set better goals + intentions, and finish off with a renewed business focus.

The accountability program is designed to diminish the shiny object syndrome and get you focused on what trends and ‘must-do’ tasks actually works for you and your business.



Each 4-or 8-week motivation cycle focuses on a key business goal.

During your cycle, we’ll use 4 sessions diving deep into how you’ve been keeping on track.

Also includes:

  • unlimited email support
  • weekly email reflection prompts
  • goal development
  • task management strategies
  • and more…


How Can You Make The Most Of This?


Business Foundations

If you want to build solid business foundations (you know, foundations that work even when you don’t) then this is perfect for you. With our knowledge of business platforms, you’ll receive free guides, teaching + mentoring, and support with avoiding the shiny object pitfalls

Client Relationships

You could use your sessions to explore the type of business you want to run and the relationships you want to have with clients. Using the sessions as brainstorming platforms means that you can properly explore how to make your ideal vision meet with reality.

Course Creation

Ready to take the leap and launch a course? Then let’s break down its creation into manageable, consistent, and simple steps. And, we’ll keep on top of you so that it won’t become another project that you never finish!

what we do


It's coaching meets planning meets motivation.

You often work alone. And if you're not alone then you're with clients and customers.

Your family + friends have no interest in what you do or they just don't understand the world of online business management.

It's no wonder that you get shiny object syndrome, start projects you never finish, and generally just feel overwhelmed.

Think about how productive, focused, + confident you could be with weekly one to one consultations, unlimited email support, free advice, and a detailed plan for stress-free goal slaying.


maintain your motivation

Start being accountable today

4 or 8 Week Accountability Cycle

4x 1-Hour Consultations

Unlimited Email Support

Deep Review Halfway Through Cycle

Step-By-Step Breakdown of Your Goal

Weekly Reflection + Accountability Prompts

Your Journey Documented

Accountability Package

Accountability Program


Being held accountability can work on a schedule that suits you.

You can choose either a 4- or 8-week cycle. 

4 Week Cycle: Use your accountability meet ups every week.

8 Week Cycle: Use your accountability every other week.


Part 1. We’ll start our cycle with our first accountability meeting and decide whether you want the 4- or 8- week cycle. We’ll prebook our meetings at this point.

Part 2. The following Monday your email prompts will begin. You’ll plan your week and start your reflection process. 

Part 3. When you reply to your prompts, we’ll email you back and support you using our unlimited email support.

Part 4. We’ll meet regularly to discuss your progress, reflections, and setbacks.

Part 5. You’ll receive a copy of our meeting notes for your reference.

Part 6. Midway through the cycle we’ll do a deep dive review to assess whether you’re still on the right track.

… + repeat!

Step 2: IDentify If we're Right For You

When you register your interest in the accountability course. You’ll receive our accountability proposal, program breakdown + an email inviting you to connect with us.

We recommend booking a time to chat with us for your free 30 minutes. The chat will allow us to:

  1. Discuss your needs
  2. Explore whether Taylor-Johnson Admin can accommodate your needs
  3. Allow you to decide if we’re the right fit for you.
  4. Identify which cycle works best for you.

If you know exactly what you want simply submit the proposal immediately + skip this step. Only use the 30 minute call if you’d like to explore further.

Step 3: Your Details

When you’ve submitted a proposal you’ll receive a request for information. By providing your details we’re able to put together our contract and invoice documents for you.

After giving us your personal details you’ll be asked to sign the contract and make a payment.

At any point you can you can email us for support.

Step 4: In-Depth Planning meeting

Once we receive your contract and any agreed upon payments, you’ll receive an appointment calendar where you can make an appointment for our in-depth consultation.

In this meeting we’ll go through your needs in more detail, look at your goals, and identify your priorities.

Step 5: Let's Get to Work

We’ve completed our in-depth planning meeting so now it’s time to get to work on supporting you in business. 

Accountability Program


Above you can see how the accountability program works.

Here we’ve outlined what to expect while you’re part of the program.

Step 1: identify +visualize the big picture

When we start our 2 hour in-depth meeting we’ll take time to identify your:

– main goals

– weaknesses

–  strengths

– mindset barriers

– approach to business

Then we’ll work to identify a key goal and how we can break it down over the next few weeks.

Step 2: Start impressing yourself

Twice a week you’ll receive a reflection prompt. You’ll identify your small task goals for the week and toward the end of the week you’ll reflect on how it went.  You’ll reply to the prompts through email.

Learning to reflect on your efforts sets you up with a better mindset moving forward. It’ll help challenge those nagging feelings that you ‘never get enough done’ or that you ‘aren’t focused!’. It’ll also help you to see how productive you actually are and to help you understand time management better.


Step 3: A helping hand

Your weekly email journalling will allow us to explore issues and ideas. You’re fully supported in your journey. We reply to your emails with the following:

– motivational pep talks

– quotes

– ideas

– resources

– free guidance on overcoming a challenge

– compassion

By focusing on your lifestyle and unique business needs we help you to set realistic expectations for yourself. We thrive on making you challenge your comfort zone while seeking new levels of success.

Step 4: Distraction dodging

You’ll get to chat with us regularly. It’ll help you avoid distractions and keep you on track to your big picture plan.

Our meetings can be used for:

– discussing your goals + progress

– exploring challenges you’ve faced

– deep diving into your support emails + prompt responses

– ongoing support + guidance

– flash business planning + strategy

– best business practice advice

Your whole experience with the accountability program will be customized to your fluctuating business needs. Things happen and learning to stay on track is all about maintaining movement when life throws curve balls. 

Step 5: Keep Growing

You’ll receive a renewal option mid way through our cycle.

This means you won’t miss out on an opportunity to maintain your progress and continue growing.

This way, you can take breaks from the accountability program and practice what you’ve learnt. Or, if you’re looking for further support, it means that we can prebook sessions ASAP so that you’re not subject to scheduling difficulties.


The Investment


All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

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