About Hannah

Supporting Solopreneurs

Your Tech Nerd

A business advocate for the tech-challenged and the perpetually busy.

Hiya! I’m Hannah, your go-to systems organizer and personal advocate. I’m based in Ottawa (Canada).

I take pleasure in strangely satisfying things like untangling balls of yarn and approach business in much the same way – let’s untangle your chaos and stress and make something way more comfortable to work with. It combines my love of helping people with my pleasure of those ‘aha’ moments. Plus, I get to hang out with my cats and drink tea all day – win, win, win! 

Looking for the link I mention in the video? 

Click here.

Working with Me

Works for your business

I’m a proper nerd. Not a pretend one. 

I take deep joy in getting things just right and even greater pleasure from being able to find the exact process, system, and services that will work for your exact needs. It’s like that feeling you get when you finally finish a jigsaw – everything is where it should be.

Most of my clients don’t get the same joy from this as I do! Which is why I offer a made-with-you service. This means that I don’t disappear into a dark corner and resurface weeks later with a system that’s perfect for anyone who is as nerdy as me. Instead, we work together the make a system and build solutions that meet your goals and fit your business.

Who Benefits the Most

From this work?

I work holistically to figure out how to meet your solutions. While you are open to change, have big goals, and already have a clear idea of where you want your business to go you may be struggling with:


  • Getting your head around technology
  • Finding the time to create, provide services and organize your business
  • Following through on the plans you’ve made
  • Figuring out how to really make your plans a reality (strategy)
  • Setting up systems and streamlining workflows so that your day to day is easier
  • and/or staying on top of the crazy amount of to-do items it takes to run a business

Working holistically means I don’t just jump into your business and take over. 

We figure out what it is that your business and you (personally) need to meet your goals. 

Do you have more of a ‘do it for’ me approach?

Then that’s fine, hand it off and I’ll set it up and maintain it.

Need consult calls to keep you on track and a regular review of strategy?

We can do that.

Want training so that you can keep DIYing it?

Then we’ll set up 1:1 training.

This is ALL about you and your business needs.

Services Designed

For You