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Your personal and business wellbeing matters. Which is why we’re all about growing a relationship, communicating in the way you need, and delivering projects that fit your business like a glove.

flex it

Mix and match anything. The packages we’ve put together are completely customizable. Choose what your business needs.


All services are designed to create calm within your business. Organized businesses with solid foundations can grow quickly whenever you want. Embrace changing your business for the better.

our values

what we believe in

Just like yours, our business has it’s own personality too.

If Taylor-Johnson Administration were a person it would be a feminist-leftie with a love for Parks and Recreation, The Good Place, and all things chocolatey.

It’d be super into yoga, meditating, and gaining insight into how it works and what the bigger picture truly is. 

And it would be super into creating for creating’s sake. 

But of course, there’d be a Trello board to keep all craft projects in order!




“Simple yet elegant, her style is absolutely impeccable. Hannah’s friendliness and positivity will make anyone who speaks to her (even for the first time) feel at ease and welcome to share their story with her.”

Nina Laiberg


What do we do

+ Who We do it with

“Hannah adds a lot of humour to the situation. She laughs at how disorganized it is but never at me. It makes everything so much easier because she takes the disorganization and always makes it work. “

Krista Cameron

Potter and Trainer, Krista Cameron Pottery

We work with most businesses. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced hand.

You’re going to get along just fine if you:

  • want to think creatively about your business and your goals
  • run a heart-centric business that values their customers
  • truly believe in what you’re doing
  • are ready to think critically about what you want and what you can do
  • willing to break down the goals into smaller, manageable steps


Let’s chat over tea:

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Take A Peek

Hannah Taylor-johnson


I’m a Brit living in rural Canada. I used to play with organizers as a child eagerly waiting until I would be able to use one myself. I soon got over that desire! But the love of organization stayed. This business came from my ingrained type A organization love and combined with my belief that everything can be improved.

With a background in mentoring and mental health intervention, my approach is about making you the centre of your business. All while reducing your stress.




Chances are, if you’re talking to Hannah then Buddy’s near by.

Most of the time he’s a very silent (snoring) partner. Although a squirrel sighting can quickly change that

He prefers a hands off approach to business and generally ignores clients.



Taylor-Johnson Admin is supported by virtual assistants, editors, writers, proofreaders… you name it and we’ve had someone do the job!


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Need some free advice or guidance? Then book a free appointment with us for a brainstorming session that will get you back on track! Learn More


Have you got grand ideas but you never seem to action them? Then let us keep you on track over 4-8 week periods with deep dive consults and weekly prompt emails. Learn More


Planned, strategized website design to represent your business perfectly. We also offer web maintenance to help you keep content updated and secure. Learn More


Let’s get your business setup to run efficiently in the online world. Easier customer service management and clearly outlined workflows for day to day operations. Learn More

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You should feel confident knowing that we’re all about making sure that you’re comfortable with our services and offerings.

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“My on-boarding process was a big headache. Hannah was able to take all the information I gave her and create a seamless process that saves my company time and money. I would highly recommend Hannah.”

Meliss Jakubovic

Author, Health & Life Coach, Meliss Marketing

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Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Invest in your business knowing that you’ll no longer have to fly by the seat of your pants.

Your business will look and feel better for customers. 

Life will become easier for you.

And your bank book will like it too!

Losing money (and sanity) my client came to me devastated that she just didn’t have enough people in her classes.

Within a year, her classes are overflowing. We’ve added 3 extra classes a year to keep up with the demand.

We also implemented automations to keep registration simple. Meaning that she gets more profit per student and saves time!

CASE STUDY - 100% increase in student registration

When planning the website my client decided to take an in depth consult to explore ways of appealing to more customers.

We set up and implemented a simple 15 minute free call sign up. 

In just a couple of days, the free calls had lead to purchases that covered the website design costs and consultations.

CASE STUDY - Instant Return On Investment