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Written by Hannah

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WordPress is always my go-to website content management system. It’s amazing!

But it’s not everyone’s go to website place. There’s been a rise in Weebly, Wix + Squarespace type websites. They vary in ‘freeness’ but most often come with a monthly price tag. The main features of these websites focus on how easy it is to build your own website with no knowledge.

I’m all for no-knowledge websites and DIY style building. But, honestly, looking at the growing number of Squarespace, Wix + Weebly web designers, I can’t help but think that perhaps they’re not as easy and useful as everyone says.

Everyone should consider a WordPress site for their first or next business website. But first…

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (sometimes referred to as CMS). At it’s root, your website is a bunch of boring files with code and linked images. Using a CMS allows you to manage your site without having any technical knowledge, wading through code or manually checking everything.

It also allows you to visually see and easily keep track of your files, posts and layouts.

Please note that wordpress.com and wordpress.org are totally different. While both are free, wordpress.com is free place to create your website but there are hidden monthly fees (especially if you want to change your domain name from a yourusername.wordpress.com or want to change colour schemes!). WordPress.org is an open-source program that allows you to install it directly onto your host website and, yes, you must pay for hosting and a domain name but it’s not the insane pricing of wordpress.com (see here for more on the difference between the WordPresses).

Reason #1: Beyonce Uses WordPress

Yeah, that’s right. 

If Beyonce does it then it can’t be wrong!

Many huge brands use WordPress because it is honestly amazing! 

23% of the top 1000 websites use WordPress. It’s tried and tested and people love it. Think BBC America, Spotify, and the Canadian Olympic Team. 

There are also huge technology and business brands like Mozilla Firefox (if you’re not a chrome lover), Bloomberg, and Microsoft.

And just for fun, here are a few other websites using WordPress that I know you’ve used: Facebook, LinkedIn, TEDTalks, and AirBNB.

There are 100s of reasons that you should use WordPress too. Below you’ll find the ones that actually matter!

Reason #2: WordPress is Affordable – ALL THE TIME

Like I said, WordPress is totally free to use. So of course it makes totally sense to talk about the affordability of using this CRM.

Now, to use WordPress you need a domain name and space to put install WordPress. But that’s where you can shop around for the best prices with hosting – the pre-made sites don’t allow that. Sometimes hosting will cost you only a couple of dollars a month.

If you’re going to be hiring a web designer then you should be looking for a content management system that doesn’t actually cost you money every single month.

A quick example shows one of the paid sites coming to $288 every two years on the basic package. On a WordPress site, your hosting costs you $192 for hosting.

Unless your hosting costs go up (and you shouldn’t see a significant change) then your WordPress site is going to be the same year after year. Now, maybe you want to add a shop to your site, or maybe you’ll start looking to add membership options to your business. You’ll only be paying a one off cost for someone to install these features on a WordPress site – or you could easily find a cheap/free plugin that solve those problems. Whereas you could see your monthly fees go up $40 pm on the pre-made websites. 

You can read more about hosting and website setup for small business and creatives here.

The only cost associated with WordPress is the one that comes with buying a domain name and space to host your site. You’ll always be looking at a hosting cost of  approximately $192 for WordPress every two years but $960 every two years for site from some of the paid sites.

That’s a HUGE difference in cost!

That’s $1920 more than a WordPress website over 5 years.

laptop with phone plugged in via usb port. it's in an article explaining the reasons why your small business should be using wordpress

Reason #3: Grow Your Business

What I absolutely adore about WordPress is that it is so customizable. Just looking over the lists of people who use WordPress it’s easy to see just what you can achieve.

So, when you’re ready to add a store, membership options, start taking payments, add online appointment calendars etc then you’re ready to go and it doesn’t mean paying extra, moving CMS or sites, or pulling your hair out with extensive bonkers coding. I always think that using WordPress for your first website is for people who are ready to plan for the long term and not just looking for a quick fix.

As your team grows, you’re able to give everyone a login and restrict their access and capabilities (so that the new intern doesn’t just delete your lifelong content development). It means that you can hire an SEO expert but they’re not able to delete all your content accidentally – it’s perfect! 

Trends come and go too, so as soon as your business takes the next step, changes it’s foundations or offerings you’re able to quickly update your theme, offerings, and look to stay on track with your company brand.

Reason #4: WordPress Is Absolutely Customizable

Still not sure if WordPress is right for you?

There are tens of thousands of plugins and themes that make your website whatever you need it to be because WordPress is continually updating and staying on trend.

The best part is that nearly everything can be integrated into a WordPress site. Mailchimp, Acuity Scheduling and Dubsado to name a few. Social media is quick and easy to pop into your site too (and it’ll stay up to date with your social feeds!).

And because WordPress is open-source (which means that anyone can create infrastructure or plugins for the platform) it means that you there’s always something new before it even becomes fashionable. New social media platform launched? You can guarantee that in a few weeks there’ll be a new plugin that will allow you to integrate it to your site.

Whatever your goals, there’s a way to customize your site to meet those needs. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Make your site into a newsfeed
  • Social media integration
  • Improve your email list growth
  • Offer downloads
  • Run a shop for paid digital product
  • Run a shop for paid physical product
  • Make a social media platform
  • Create a membership site

Reason #5: Safe + Secure

WordPress takes it’s safety and security really seriously. 

And because of this there are constant updates in reaction to security threats. And, even better, WordPress makes it really easy for you to update your website (without any technical knowledge).

Security and hacking isn’t a problem until it happens to you but when it does – it’s traumatic!

Because of this, I also recommend using an additional plugin like Wordfence.

But…none of the other pre-made sites allow you to actually take control of your site security in the way that WordPress allows. 

Reason #6: WordPress Is Easy To Manage

Even with no technical knowledge, WordPress is easy to manage. It’s even really easy to install too (if you want to do that kind of thing. It takes 15 minutes and WordPress has all the guides to show you how to do it!). 

The CMS is intuitive and there’s not much you can do to mess it up (unless you are REALLY bad at technology – in which case hire someone to set it up, manage, and/or show you how to do it

Start Taking Your Business Seriously

About Hannah

Hannah is in the business of easing the busy lives of entrepreneurial hustlers.

When she’s not supporting and guiding business owners through improving and maintaining their daily operations, she’s knitting, sewing, or renovating her house.

She lives in rural eastern Ontario with her two cats, a dog, and a lot of lint brushes.

Using WordPress for your website literally makes your life easier + it adapts to your business growth and long-term goals

WordPress websites are literally used by some of the biggest brands, celebrities, and products in the world. 

Going with WordPress is cost-effective, sensible, secure, and adaptable.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first website or your 300th revival. WordPress has you set. And it saves the cost and hassle of having to relocate your site when you outgrow one of the premade sites.

To learn more about growing your business through WordPress get in touch for a free chat and quote. 

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