Craft show season is upon us.

No doubt you’re getting into full swing and ready to roll out your wares to a new and fresh audience.

From a business owner’s view, it’s not as straightforward as holiday memories and cosy sifting through art. There’s so much to remember, there’s so much to do!

I put together a great way for you to stay on track. It’s the checklist of your dreams and it’s right here, ready to assist you in your season of greatness.


This list runs over everything you’ll need to take with you on the day. There’s room to add your extra notes and details but no worry because all of your basics are covered.

From your float to snacks, to the toolkit that will make you everyone’s best friend on the day.

Tool Kit Checklist

It’s often taken for granted just how much setup is needed at a craft show. And, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget a push pin or a pair of scissors, which is why I recommend having a kit dedicated to all the extra tools you’ll need on your craft show rounds.

Put together a tote and fill it with the essentials. Even if you don’t often have a need for the extra set of baby wipes or trash bags, your neighbour will. It never hurts to be the one everyone wants to hang out!

Have a look at this list, add your own items, and create your unique and personalized toolkit so that you’re never caught empty-handed in an emergency.


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And, yeah, these lists are completely free. They’re easy and simple to use and you need to hop on them. Being organized is a huge part of being successful at craft shows. Let me know your thoughts, is there anything extra that you’d like to see that will make your life easier?