An attitude for gratitude brings great things
— Yogi Bhajan

Use gratitude in your business

It’s thanksgiving next week for us Canadians. So I wanted to take a moment and share some thoughts on gratitude and the wealth (of all sorts) that comes with running your own business.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things you should be doing to grow your business.

I get it.

Because my entire business premise is based in helping you to improve and add to your business practice.

But part of growing your business means solid self-care and acknowledgement. Taking time out to reflect on what you do, how you’ve done it, and what you’ve achieved will help you thrive, be happier, and connect with the world around you.

Saying thank you is alright but it doesn’t help me achieve anything…

Cool story, bro. But…

Honestly, being grateful isn’t about saying thanks.

It’s about connecting with the world you’ve creating, enjoying the triumphs, and adjusting your world view.

Gratitude will make your world a happier place.

Happiness does not create gratitude. Rather gratitude creates happiness.

By focusing on what we have, we ever so subtly move from focusing on what we don’t have to focusing on the things that already make our lives full and complete. 

You can then start to let go of toxic mindsets like “I’ll be happy when…”, which is elusive and focuses you on what you don’t have.

It’s a super subtle difference but taking that time to enjoy the good in your life means that your life feels good.

Running a business (or just a life!) is easier and smoother when you feel good inside.

What Can I Be Grateful For?

Connecting with nature by looking toward the sky
Start a list focusing on the things you enjoy in your life. If you’re ready for the next level, consider creating a list of things that pose challenges but figure out what positives and strengths they bring to your life.

Be grateful…

  • …that you’re living an artists life, that you’re brave enough to do something that focuses on a passionate path.
  • …that you live in a part of the world or in a lifestyle where you can follow your dreams and creative tendencies.
  • …for the love and support you receive from those around you.
  • …that you are able to bring beauty into the world
  • …that you are self-driven and self-motivated enough to be able to push forward with your dreams of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

This isn’t just about thankfulness, it’s about tapping into our self-worth and creating a space for celebration.

How to Practice:

Create a space to practice this daily.

  • Bring gratitude into your daily speech. Tell people you’re grateful for their presence in your life, that they bring joy to your daily doings. Consider speaking positively about yourself and expressing gratitude for the successes you’ve had.
  • Create a gratitude journal. Daily expression is important for daily happiness. Try starting and ending your day with three simple notes on what you feel grateful for.
  • Look for gratitude around you. Whether that’s the colour of the grass, the softness of your pet, or the genius that is your favourite chocolate bar. Tap into your successes and the things that feed you.

How does gratitude affect my business?

There’s countless research that shows that gratitude extending outwards leads to better relationships and connections. Using your new focus as a way of connecting with your customers and clients will resonate. Consider telling people you’re grateful for them, show them how they’ve changed your life. It makes a difference. Paying it forward works.

  1. Your brand and culture is affected by how you show gratitude to your colleagues and business partners.
  2. It helps your budget!
    • Did you know that showing gratitude to your teams and collaborators can actually save you money? People are more motivated by gratitude and appreciation than they are by money. By showing thank you to people who make your business a success you can, ultimately, save more money in the future. Everyone likes to know their work is valued.
  3. You’re helping your customers to feel less deficit.
    • Did you know that everyone is suffering from a Gratitude deficit? By genuinely connecting with your customers to let them know that they’re appreciated can make a difference. You’ll be filling that tank for them.
  4. Loyalty is reciprocal
    • …and customers feel valued when you give something back. Showing your customers the love means that they want to spend more time with you. If you want to build your loyalty points from your audience then start with gratitude. It’s the easiest way to build loyalty.

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How are you using gratitude in business? Do you have success stories? Share them below.

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