Creative business or not, online courses give you skills to either bolster your business or provide you with new skills that you can package up and sell.

It’s hard to find good courses or even know where to start. Is it worth the investment? Is this what I need to do? Do I have time?

There are two places I go for classes and they have yet to let me down. If you’re not sure where you should be focusing your business development and training check out this article on reflection to improve your business.


What is udemy?

Udemy is an online resource of hundreds (maybe thousands) of courses created by skilled people. Each one ranges from a handful of hours to 100+ hours. There’s quite literally a course for everything.

How much does it cost?

Each class is individually priced. Classes range from $25 to upwards of $200 (Canadian dollars).

What do the online courses cover and do they serve creative businesses?

Everything from personal development (think, interview skills) to writing courses to ethical hacking. As a creative business owner you may want to focus on writing, marketing, and design programming courses but I’m not judging if you want to dabble in some Quickbooks knowledge.

How do I know it’s great?

Well, I’ve recently started these two courses (here and here) and I LOVE them! They’ve both got a great style and they’re knowledgable. I love how easy the classes are to navigate too.

What makes the classes good?

I find the online courses with the highest ratings have really competent lecturers, they’re well researched and the layout makes sense, so it doesn’t matter if you’re running a creative business with a creative mind because the good classes explain the boring and practical really well. They’re clear on outcome goals, the lecturers engage in the comments and give feedback, and you never really feel like you’re on your own – which I know can be a problem with many online classes.

On to the discount…

Right now udemy is offering nearly all of their classes at $15 (CAD, but $10 USD) until 19th July. Most classes are priced around $200 so this is a slamming deal. Get the deal here.


What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is for everything creative! So if you run a creative business, it’s the perfect online space to sign up for a new course. Whether your interest is in marketing your creativity or learning to use Illustrator in the time it takes to eat lunch. It’s focused on artists and those who like to express creativity. Think Calligraphy, brush lettering, programming, and handmade book creation.

But that’s not all, Skillshare also hosts a variety of online courses that are less creative focused and more service business centric. For instance, want to know about marketing? Seth Godin has his own Skillshare class. What about google analytics? There’s a online course for that too!

How much does it cost?

Skillshare is a one time yearly fee that gives you access to all classes. So for $100 you can access everything for a year. It’s really cool.

What do the courses cover?

IT, business marketing, security, lifestyle, fine art, knitting,  accounting through to data science. The classes are easy to search and even without a membership you can view some free classes and previews of any class you’d like.

How do I know it’s great?

I’m in month 7 of my skill share membership. I love it. I’ve done so many classes it’s hard to count. Some for fun (like a botanical line drawing class through to a creative draw cute little people course) and others like illustrator for lunch which runs through key points of the programme. It’s solid and classes range from an 30 minutes in length to 5 hour mega sessions. You’re not always committing to a huge amount of time, which I love

What makes the classes good?

I find that the lecturers really range in experience so there is so much variation which means there’s something for everyone. I truly get the feeling you’re supporting small businesses and it’s a better connection than other courses I’ve done. Courses are really niche and unique too, they don’t try to cover too much in one session, which means it’s easier to create your own creative learning schedule.

On to the discount…

Skillshare is offering you 2 months for free. Check it out here.

P.s. I don’t receive any benefit from referring you to udemy. Skillshare does offer a small benefit to members who sign up using the link provided.

I also offer a free resource centre with all kinds of freebies, including ways to hire a web designer, gratitude worksheets, and automation guides. Head over to the Fearless Entrepreneur School and learn more.