What’s business support and do I really need it?

A virtual assistant is right for you if you’re looking for business support but don’t want a new employee. Not only do you avoid taxes and expense related to employee hire but you only hire for the hours you need and the tasks you need.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Think of your VA as a freelance administrator. This means that they have a few clients on their list and a whole heap of tasks to complete from each. Traditionally, VAs were freelance/contract secretaries but as the internet has grown so has the job description.

Virtual Assistants can now offer a range of specialized tasks from marketing, social media management, and graphics design through to more traditional tasks like email management, document preparation and note taking.

Depending on your needs, your VA could also be your personal assistant, general clerk, and marketing manager. Virtual Assistants are available for the time you need whether that’s a long term relationship for ongoing support or a short term project, like a course launch.

Why do I need a VA?

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

You need a Virtual Assistant simply because you can’t do everything. I know that sucks because, personally, I think you’re wonder woman, but it’s true – to thrive and excel at what you do, you need to find a better work balance.

You’re doing the dream job that you crafted out of nothing, you’re doing what you love, and if you never saw a cubicle again it’d still be too soon. Except, you’re not actually loving what you do right now.


Because you’re spread too thin. You don’t want to be inputting research, creating questionnaires, and wading through emails. You want to be creating and making – but there’s just not enough time.

This is why you need a VA. You need a Virtual Assistant to let you reconnect with your business and ease up on the stress you’re feeling.

A Virtual Assistant will help you optimize your business productivity and help you regain control of your work. They provide the guiding hand through business development stress.

  • New Course Launch? Why, hello there VA who has everything under control.
  • Applying for a grant? Thank you, VA, who will ensure all the paperwork is included and my documents are spellchecked.
  • Going to a craft show? Yo, VA! Help a sister out, and tell me again what the details are for my display – also could you call the vendor and check on…!?

A Virtual Assistant will help your business live feel smoother and stronger.

What do Virtual Assistants do?

That depends on who you’re asking! Here’s a quick list to get your brain juices flowing:

Administrative Tasks

  • Email Management:
    • Answering email, responding to enquiries, filtering out the junk mail
  • Document Preparation
    • Typing up documents, creating spreadsheet, distributing important information
  • Correspondence
    • Writing important letters and emails to your associates, keeping your customers up to date through newsletters
  • Telephone Tasks
    • Answering calls, checking voicemail, returning client calls
  • Coordinate Data into Organized Spreadsheets
    • No more wading through lists and links!
  • Any time consuming or repetitive tasks

Personal Assistant Tasks

  • Calendar Scheduling
    • Making sure that you have enough time between appointments, making changes to the schedule, keeping both you and the client up to date on changes
  • Travel Arrangements
    • Air, sea, land travel arrangements, liaison with craft shows and venues, ensuring you have all relevant information for travel and events
  • Gift Arrangements
    • Thank you presents to clients, family members etc., staying on top of business and personal etiquette
  • RSVPs
    • Ensure you never RSVP too late!
  • Goal Setting and Planning
    • Helping you outline your goals into a plan and making it actionable
  • Be the point person for team members
    • handle meetings, handle tasks, leaving you to get on with what you do best

Graphics and Art Support

  • Media Kit Creation
  • Icon Development
  • Posters and Flyer Creation
  • Brochure Development
  • Branding Support
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Blog Post Imagery

Blog Support

  • Blog Repurposing
    • changing blog posts into content suitable for social media, newsletters, webinars, and/or courses
  • Editing posts
    • Proofreading and editing for ease of reading, checking links work, and ensuring your posts look top notch for sharing
  • Managing the comments
    • No more navigating with trolls, save time answering questions and commentary and delegate it to your VA
  • Blog Post Writing
    • Writing your posts with the tone and voice that you want
  • Blog Content Research and Planning
    • Content based on research of other sites or from google analytics, planning blog posts and getting it on social media

Newsletter Creation

  • Newsletter Setup
    • Get mailchimp or mailerlite working, set up with the specifications you need to connect with your customers, installation of your mailing list on your website
  • Newsletter Content Creation
    • Repurposing blog content to redistribute to your customers through email, making a plan for newsletter content for the year
  • Email Funnels and Automation
    • Automate your welcome emails by introducing yourself and your business thoroughly, see email funnels in action to create stronger and better connections with your readers

How to find the right Virtual Assistant:

Start by addressing the areas of your business that:

  1. you hate doing
  2. are time consuming and/or repetitive
  3. stop you from focusing on the projects with a higher return of investment

Look through that list and decide which tasks you:

  1. have to do as boss-lady extraordinaire
  2. can delegate

This will give you the right starting info to take on the world of VAs and find the perfect match for you.

Start searching for VAs that fit the bill. Take advantage of discovery calls and Skype sessions to get a better feeling of whether they’re a good fit.

In the meantime, take steps to ensure that you’re taking the time make your business more efficient and less stressful.

Need more advise about business support for your small business? Then feel free to drop me a call for advice, a coffee chat, or to explore the work we do here.