Make Strides For A Better Business Future

Join our email community of doers, goal driven, and ambitious solopreneurs AND GET INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR BUSINESS SPECIALIZATION COURSE.

Make Strides For A Better Business Future

Join our email community of doers, goal driven, and ambitious solopreneurs AND GET INSTANT ACCESS TO OUR RESOURCE SCHOOL.

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Taylor-Johnson Administration is a full service business that supports you through the ups and downs of running a service based business.

No more overworked, frazzled weekends that leave you exhausted.

We’re about finding you balance in your business by helping you: 

Automate your business through system setup and strategizing your next steps.

Stay sane by taking over the behind the scenes tasks, administration + management.

Plan, strategize and achieve your business goals.

Present your best face forward through website design + WordPress maintenance.

Articles: Support for Small Business

7 Steps For Keeping Calm + Reduce Stress in Business

Business stress is inevitable in small businesses. Especially when you’re running it solo. Here are 7 easy to implement tasks that help you keep calm.

10 Project Ideas For Small Businesses In Canada That Don’t Put You At Risk Of Losing Fingers

Keep growing your business during Canadian winters with these simple projects. There’s no reason to stop growing just because it’s the slow season.

5 Ways To Focus On Your Business Growth Without Wasting More Time + Pulling Your Hair Out

The goal of any business is to keep making money and keep growing toward the ultimate dream you initially set out to achieve. But there are pitfalls along the way. And distraction is one of the biggest ones! It's important to stay focused and not get distracted by all...

Top 10 Reflection Questions + Journaling Prompts for Business Reflection + Growth

10 questions you need to answer whether you journal for your business or reflect with a team because you need to know what’s happening behind the scenes.

I Need Help Right Now: Small Business Emergencies

Have you ever uttered the word "@!*&, I need help. Like...yesterday"? You're not alone! There are many small businesses that run into technology not working properly, servers malfunctioning, and even email automation just going haywire.  It's hard work...

Email Templates & How To Use Them In Creative Business

So, when I started my business I spent nearly all day in email. I wanted my emails to sound personal and amazing, I wanted people to feel connected to me. I wanted people to like my emails enough to want to work with me. I'd heard about email templates but they seemed...

7 Reasons to Organize Your Business

As the ink dries on your New Year's resolutions and you are finishing up the last of the bubbly, you may be noticing things around your office space may be a bit. . . er, chaotic?  Supplies may still be strewn about your worktable as you have hurried through those...

7 Things To Do In 2018 For A Better Business

It's nearly 2018 folks, which means one thing: resolutions, revamps, and new routines! A new year means reflection, new work, new business, new direction. There's never a better time to look at what you've been doing, see if it's been working and to set a new...

30 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Business

It's my birthday today!  Pop the champagne and slice the chocolate cake! I'm 30. The big 3-0. It's an age that I've looked forward to since childhood. I know you are likely thinking, “what type of child looks forward to 30?”  But to me, it was such a fabulous age....

Practicing Gratitude Daily (& a free gratitude printable)

It's Thanksgiving this week for my friends south of the border. Let's have a chat about thankfulness. As you know, I'm already a fan of gratitude in business and gratitude in life. I shared some of my thoughts about being mindful and thankful when we celebrated...

[The Things You Hear] Reviews and Testimonials

[The Things You Hear] Reviews and Testimonials The online marketplace for artists has become quite competitive.  It seems more people have been tapping into their creative passions and working to share with a wider audience.   While each artist is unique in their...

Craft Shows: What do you to do to guarantee success?

This week, I've been talking with all my maker friends as they prepare to head toward craft shows and make the majority of their yearly income. I've put together some top tips for craft show success this season. 1. Do Self Care Craft shows are hard work! Make sure...

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